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I'm sorry to say that I'm no longer teaching workshops. That's not to say I never will again, but for now, I just can't be away from home for any length of time. My online course and Machine Piecing Blog are described below.I hope you can find lessons there that will help you with your quilting journey.

Marsha's online Feathered Star course with Craft University is now found at The Quilting Company!

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This is why I teach:
Hi Marsha,
This summer I am back to quilting after a 2-year distraction doing other things, and I am loving every minute of it.  I just want to thank you for some things: I took your basic class at Quilt Colorado 2008 in Estes Park, Colorado, and there I bought your precision trimmer.  Using it this summer to complete a UFO from years ago, I find that my squares are much more square than they used to be.  I appreciated in your class your emphasis on precision - with that in mind, and with the help of the trimmer, the quality of my work has increased substantially. And - I wasn't too surprised to pull out 9 yards of a red toile-like floral on cream background that I bought in 2000 and found it was from your staples line.  I hope to use it in a two-fabric Lady of the Lake, which is somewhere further down on my list to do. Thank you for the class three years ago, for the fabrics you design that I really like, and for your emphasis on precision.  I am able to produce better quilts because of your work.

Michelle Bellows
Fort Collins, Colorado

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