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After a rather rigorous travel year in 2014 and some changes in family and my own health, I've decided to arrange a very light teaching schedule going forward. I've started a blog with tutorials, and have developed online lessons so students can still benefit from what I have to teach (and I don't have get on an airplane!).

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Feathered Star Quilting Techniques with Marsha McCloskey

Machine Piecing with Marsha McCloskey

Step-by-step Winter Star Tutorial
Perfect Piecing is within your reach!


This is why I teach:
Hi Marsha,
This summer I am back to quilting after a 2-year distraction doing other things, and I am loving every minute of it.  I just want to thank you for some things: I took your basic class at Quilt Colorado 2008 in Estes Park, Colorado, and there I bought your precision trimmer.  Using it this summer to complete a UFO from years ago, I find that my squares are much more square than they used to be.  I appreciated in your class your emphasis on precision - with that in mind, and with the help of the trimmer, the quality of my work has increased substantially. And - I wasn't too surprised to pull out 9 yards of a red toile-like floral on cream background that I bought in 2000 and found it was from your staples line.  I hope to use it in a two-fabric Lady of the Lake, which is somewhere further down on my list to do. Thank you for the class three years ago, for the fabrics you design that I really like, and for your emphasis on precision.  I am able to produce better quilts because of your work.

Michelle Bellows
Fort Collins, Colorado

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